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Suite Reservation Form

Welcome to the Suite Reservation form! If you already know the Project and type of unit(s) you are interested in then you have come to the right place. Please note, units are allocated on first come first sold basis. We do require a copy of your Drivers License, in order to submit a complete worksheet.

Interested in getting a unit? Great! Following is what we HIGHLY suggest:

  • Since the pre-construction projects tend to be very high in demand, we always recommend our clients to be flexible with their choices. By doing this, you place yourselves in a better position to get a unit of your choice. Try not to give similar unit types in the choices section (for example, please refrain from putting in only studios or one-bedrooms, etc. in all three unit choices)
  • Please provide at least three (3) different choices and tell us if you are interested Low floors/Mid floors or High floors for every unit choice.
  • If there are any additional details that you would like to point out, please do so in the additional notes section.