Encore at Bravo Condos

Commerce St and Interchange Way


Welcome to Encore at BRAVO, where you’ll find Canada’s top condo community developed by Menkes and QuadReal. Living here is like enjoying applause daily, turning life into a perpetual celebration. It’s a place to settle into a snug home, forge enduring connections, and thrive.

Venture into sprawling green areas with winding trails and biking paths, complemented by a vibrant retail scene offering diverse dining options, cafes, and shops. Embrace growth, foster bonds with neighbors, and become an essential part of Vaughan’s lively new downtown hub.

Additionally, Encore at BRAVO boasts exclusive green spaces, providing residents with tranquil spots for leisurely strolls, cycling, and unwinding amidst nature’s beauty. With 20 acres of South VMC parkland, 25 acres of environmental open space and communal squares, and 17 kilometers of trails and cycling paths, there’s ample room to enjoy the outdoors and discover moments of peace.


Starting from High $400's
Location Commerce St and Interchange Way
Occupancy date
Number of Storeys
Address Commerce St and Interchange Way



About Developer

Menkes is one of Canada’s largest private developers, and one of the foremost builders of complex mixed-use developments. For more than 65 years, Menkes has built a stellar reputation creating innovative communities of exceptional quality. Elegant residences that exude character and charm; and exclusive luxury condominiums infused with stunning amenities; all set in prime locations. Menkes is committed to reshaping the landscape of Toronto, and is now taking its vision of creating communities and fostering employment to South VMC