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4 Things to Consider about Downtown Condo Living in Toronto

by Saurabh Sabharwal: on September 16, 2018
4 Things to Consider about Downtown Condo Living in Toronto

Toronto is a bustling city that continues to grow. For many, buying a white picket fenced house in the suburbs doesn’t fit their lifestyle or budget but renting a one-bedroom apartment isn’t optimal either. Enter the affordable, independent option that is condo living.
Freedom, shared costs, and the over lifestyle are just some of the reasons condo living is a great fit for so many people in downtown Toronto. If you’re renting or looking for a change, a condo could be the perfect fit. Think about these things, however, before taking the plunge.

Have You Thought About the Long-Term?

The excitement of moving in often blinds people to the realities of a long-term condo living experience. All that’s on your mind is where you’re going to put your bookshelves, the TV, and what painting no one seems to like but you just can’t get rid of. But what about your overall satisfaction?
When you are buying a condo, this is a transaction. Really, you’re a customer and it’s important to make sure you’re cared for before, during, and after you’ve moved in. Be sure to find out if the building has a reliable management company that meets high standards of accountability and customer care. You want a team that enhances your lifestyle and can be trusted to take care of issues without being badgered.

Does the Condo Unit Meet Your Standards?

Do not be blinded by claims about premium this and upgraded that. Yes, the countertops might be granite and those appliances could be new, but that doesn’t mean they’re as high-end as is being claimed.
It’s up to you to evaluate each aspect of the condo before purchasing. Finishes, for instance, don’t have any real standard across buildings and developers. You could easily end up overpaying when the quality of materials is not worth the markup. Take it upon yourself to physically touch when you’re at the condo sales center and don’t be afraid to ask the sales rep what is standard or has been upgraded within the condo.

What Amenities Are Available in the Condo Development?

How close is the sky train? Is there a gorgeous view of the Toronto skyline or are you looking at a bunch of concrete? Does it matter if there’s a pool if you’re not really into swimming? How’s the gym equipment?
When you buy a condo, you’re not only purchasing a place to sleep, you’re choosing a lifestyle. Downtown condo living in Toronto needs to meet your needs and those should include anything that assists your mental and physical health alongside recreation. Focus on the buildings that have exactly what you’re looking for when doing your research. Otherwise, anywhere else is going to disappoint you and lose value pretty quick.

Have You Done Your Research?

Taking the time to research the building, its reputation, and its history is going to save you a lot of headaches and wasted money. When you see for yourself that the builder has stability and great credibility, it makes choosing one option over another that much easier. Horror stories and headlines about poor condo projects and lost deposits don’t happen often but they do happen. Educating yourself shields you from the consequences of a poor decision.

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